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What is eAYSO?
eAYSO (electronic-American Youth Soccer Organization) replaces many different AYSO systems and databases with a single web-based application. It unites every person associated with AYSO: parents, players, volunteers, and staff. Each one of us can submit, edit, and view the AYSO information that pertains to us 24/7 on a secure website, depending on their access rights.
March 3, 2014 eAYSO Access Rights Enhancement 2014.
Every player and every volunteer registers annually with a signed registration form. The current season is MY2013 (Fall 2013/Spring 2014); the next season is MY2014 (Membership Year 2014), starting August 1, 2014. You only have to sign up on-line once, which takes less than 4 minutes to enter all the required information for one player or volunteer, whereby your e-mail address is your username and you pick your own password. In subsequent years, you just verify that info, before you print and sign it again.
If you change your e-mail, [My eAYSO][Edit Profile]. If you change your password, [My eAYSO][Change Password]. If you forgot your e-mail. If you forgot your Password.
Help, consisting of: Helpdesk tips; user guides; Online lab; Webinar; and Contact us.

For Parents, to sign up new or returning players:

For Parents, to sign up as new or returning volunteer:

For Youth Volunteers:

  • Go to www.eayso.org, select [I am new to AYSO and want to volunteer] and [I want to do my part as AYSO youth volunteer].
  • The Youth Volunteer Form is for Youth Referees age 10 through 18 and VIP buddies age 10 through 18. A youth volunteer may fill out their own information if they are 14 or older otherwise a parent has to fill out the form. Youth volunteers do not have to supply a social security number. Youth volunteers cannot be Youth coaches, only Youth Referees and VIP Buddies.
  • Click here for information on Safe Haven and Compliance.
  • Click here for information on the Background Check Policy.
  • Click here for information on the Collection of Social Security Numbers on Volunteer Applications.

For Administrators:

  • Go to www.eayso.org, and log in.
  • Do not share your password!
    March 3, 2014 eAYSO Access Rights Enhancement 2014.
  • In [Region/Area/Section], [Admin], [Access Rights] a RC, AD or SD can assign or edit access rights, after a volunteer has created a Password, pre-registered as volunteer and National received the signed form. You'll need a volunteer's ID number. It's good to update these rights once in a while, since eAYSO develops over time. Keep track of who has been granted access! When merging volunteer records, check the merged record to ensure the volunteer's access rights are still associated with the final 'merged' record.
  • You can login multiple times with the same login info, but they do time-out, if there is no activity on the screen for more that 15 minutes, after which the login-screen re-appears.
  • You can toggle between "My eAYSO" and the "Administrative site" by selecting [My eAYSO] on the left top, or [home] on the right top.
  • Regional Boardmembers are responsible for transcribing the registration data into an electronic form via eAYSO.
  • Before starting registration, be sure to check [Region][Setup]-[General] (all 7 menus); [Preferences] [all 5 menus]; [Membership Year]; and [required Fields]; and {Region][Treasurer][Payment Settings]. Depending on you access level, you may check [Preferences] as well.
  • For player rating, use 1, 2 or 3 digits; with 1 being the lowest rating and 999 the highest.
  • Parents/Players cannot see the ratings or memo field.
  • ALL Pre-Registered will be displayed, irrespective of the season they pre-registered for.
  • To see the number of players/volunteers registered, go to [Region][Player/Volunteer][Registration] then [Filter by] and select [Registered].
  • eAYSO Offline Application allows regions to register/renew players and volunteers without an internet connection. The offline application is configured only for RC's, Asst. RC's, Rgnl. Registrars, and Rgnl. Trusted Data Managers. To install the offline application, users need to be setup as an administrator on the computer it is being installed.
  • Info on Paperless Registration and eSignature.
  • SD, AD, RC, Asst RC, Registrar, Trusted Data Manager, and Computer/Data Entry member, can use the eAYSO Admin Login to sign in. The next screen will display an email address field. This can be used to sign in as a parent or volunteer who has lost their password or changed their email address. Once signed in with the user's email address, the Board member can click on My eAYSO – My Login info and change the password and/or email address and inform the user.
  • To edit, delete, add Board Members on the RIF/AIF/SIF (Region/Area/Section Information Form), select [Region/Area/Section], [Admin], [Region Board/Area Board/Section Board] and make changes. Remember that all volunteers are required to submit a signed volunteer form for the current season.

System availability:

  • Maintenance and major updates will be scheduled Mondays, between 9pm and 3am, Eastern Time, during which the system MAY be UNavailable.
  • System activity MAY be limited on all other days of the week, between the hours of 3am and 7am, Eastern Time.
  • Browsers: eAYSO is optimized for specific versions of Internet Explorer (7,8,9), Firefox (3,3.5,3.6), Safari (4,5) and Google Chrome (20,21,22). Details and any known issues such as printing Player and Volunteer applications with certain Web browsers.
  • Pop-up Blockers: Disable all Web browser pop-up blockers when visiting eAYSO. Details and any known issues such as printing Player and Volunteer applications with certain Web browsers.
  • The eAYSO website is maintained by the National Office of AYSO in Torrance, CA.

Click here for direct access: